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I am having some problems with the instructions and material concerning the
covering of the elevators.  The instructions indicate that I am to cut the
unidirectional cloth on a 45 degree bias to a length of 64 inches.  With a
cloth width of 38 inches, this seems to be mathematically impossible.

If I assume that the 45 degree bias is important for structural integrity,
would there be anything wrong with butting two pieces at any random length
as long as the two layers are butted at different location.  Or, is it
important to cover the entire elevator with one piece as shown in the
diagram with just a small piece to cover the end?

Also, there appears to be no indication of what to do with the ends of the
elevators.  Do I just enclose the ends with small pieces of unidirectional
as I did with the ailerons?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Steve Wooden
173 FGE