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Re: Stainless exhaust

Hi David,

	I'm building an XL with entirely different engine/exhaust, but AM
1) what engine you're using (is it the "standard" (factory "suggested"
for STD RG) choice of LYCs or Franklin)

2) Is your new exhaust from the factory to fit that specific engine AND
MODEL, if so, what do they say ?

3) If your engine is "standard" and exhaust from factory, when you hung
your engine, did you hang it high to account for the 1.5-2 inch sag you
get after the mount settles in (something Jean Prudhomme cautioned me
about & SHOULD be in my plans but I haven't read that part yet) ..If you
DIDN'T account for the sag, you could be bumping your cowl AND have a
low (and maybe offset) thrust line.

Just a hay-penny,
Jeff Barnes

David Brown wrote:
> Just re-installed the lower cowl with my new exhaust.
> Guess what...I have interference with the cowl and #1 cylinder exhaust.
> Has anyone else experienced this? I don't want to make a small clearance
> bunp but I may have to.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Dave Brown