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Re: Sanding, How Much 4 Attachments?

Since I am the one who asked the original question, here are my two cents
Jigs and fast build are absolutely necessary to me. I have friends in my
industry buying $200,000 - $400,000 planes to fly because time is of absolute
importance to them. I worked on a long-eze years ago and decided it took
waaaay too much time. I have waited all these years to either purchase someone
else's homebuilt plane, but didn't like their work; or buy a production plane
that was very expensive and had performance numbers not as good as a long-eze.
I guess you can say the experimental canard aircraft stole my heart. Now I
have a larger family, better income and therefore time is more valuable
.....enter the fast build Velocity XL-RG. A great invention, a great marketing
opportunity. Many of the people that can spend $200k-400k on a production
plane would like to do some building and get similar performance numbers for
less overall money. Now, I will caution you in one area!  If you are the Alan
with Dynamic Wing, I add this note. Your wings are great, beautiful work, rock
hard, perfect!!!!! Your information for transitioning from Velocity's plans to
the fast build sections need work. Again this is based on what I have received
from the company and I am expecting an additional package from you with other
info, hopefully better. Each time I find an obvious error and spend hours/days
figuring it out then finally calling Velocity, I think, wow I paid how much
for these fast builds. Then, I remind myself how much time would have been
spent building them from scratch. Jigs that cost additional money may save
time, but if that time savings just replaces the time lost from mistakes that
are in the manual or fast build instructions, then you have charged me two
ways. Again Alan, the wings you sent me are works of art, Thank You!  Now
Velocity and Dynamic Wing need to have excellent plans with very few errors
and I would then not think twice about laying done another $400 for jigs that
help me build the plane or a section faster. Thank you again for your great
product! Chris Brock