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N55AJ FGE weight numbers

Thought I'd post this since I am always curious to hear other airplane
weights and their equipment. Many of you are probably weight watchers, as I
really wasn't beyond layups and finish work.  Mine is a fixed-gear elite
and I just did the weight and balance today.  I have IO-360 C1C, 3-blade
performance prop, 16 ga. aluminum "engine turned" firewall w/ fiber frax
backing, air oil separator, air filter and alternate air source,
high-performance fram fuel filter with fuel-shutoff, plenum cooling,
rosewood window frames, handles, stick, panel, leather interior, EAR sound
deadening, reinforced aft baggage area, and IFR capable panel.  It is
painted.  Weight came to 1437 lbs w/ full sump and unusable fuel (685, 685,
67).  She's a heavy girl!  Fuel capacity came to almost 50 gal.  After
weighing this, I must say that if you can build this to 1250 lbs or the
impossible 1150 lbs. you are either the man or should examine the
intergrity of your airplane.  I hoped for closer to 1350, but am okay with
the weight, especially after someone just posted an almost identical weight
of 1441.5.

In retrospect, I would think longer about the EAR sound package.  It
supposedly makes the airplane but it is HEAVY.  I'll tell you how it flies
when It goes up.

Andy Judge
DMO# 413