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Sanding, How Much 4 Attachments?

In a message dated 98-07-12 07:59:41 EDT, you write:

<< There are a lot of things I would have like to seen incorporated into the
 and parts over the years based on my 30 years experience but Velocity is not
 company.  Yes, I do have a jig that mounts these hinge arms for the 173 and
 make them for the XL and STD.  Do you think it is worth the $400 extra I
 have to charge to make this tooling a do this step?
 Alan Shaw

I don't know Alan, it is your company. But I would strive to have the best
possible service for the money you charge. If I had to do this day in/ day
out, I would make the required jigs for at least the XL and wouldn't charge
for the additional tooling. I can't pass the cost of a new tool onto a
customer just because I need one to service their car. And with the
electronics in cars now, service tools keep getting more expensive. Hopefully,
the price will amortize itself due to increased production.

I got by with a 1/8" steel drill blank to line up my hinges and along with the
center torque tube bearing replacement, now have a nearly frictionless
elevator. So it can be done for less than $400, but everyday? Go for the jig,
big guy.

Dale Alexander
173 RGE