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Gloves and hand protection

Some folks find me a bit of an extremist, but I figure that I did
not go to college and take organic chemistry to ignore what I

I use nitrile gloves. They are thin and absolutely impervious
to any of the solvents we could possibly use on our plane. I
get mine from Enviro-Safety Products 1-800-637-6606. The
only thing that is a negative about them is that they are not
particularly abrasion resistant, and they are not cheap. I 
figure that a liver transplant is not cheap either, so I view 
the glove cost the same way I view the fire insurance on
my house ... expensive, but I will not go without it.

The catalog I have in front of me has a price of $14 per
box of 100 gloves for 1 to 5 boxes, $13 for 6 to 9 boxes, $12
per box for 10 boxes and up. I do not see a date on this
catalog, so call for up to date info. 

They also have thicker, multi-use nitrile gloves, but I have 
not tried them because I am happy with the thin ones.

I have found these people to be nice and do a good job of
getting things out on time.