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Annual Inspection

FAR 43: On Annual Inspections
The FAA has made an exception on Experimental for the Annual
inspection if the builder has built at least 51% of the plane .
My question is once the FAA representative signs off your  planeís
special airworthiness certificate, how do you request to be designated
as the repairman for that aircraft.?
My understanding is that your repairmanís certificate  when received
is for your plane and no one elseís.  If the pilot were operating the
without a current annual and had an accident, then he would be cited and

repercussions would go against both the airworthiness certificate and
pilotís license.  This could also be an insurance problem.

I purchased the Aerorecord system by Gerald R. Redman which is designed
to meet the requirement for amateur-built certification but its not very
 for information on FAR43: Annual Inspection.

Mel Ball 173 E-RG