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Mild aerobatics, serious aromatics

Ok, I know; the Velocity is not an aerobatic airplane.  None-the-less, I'd
like to be able to do the occasional aileron roll.  Maybe even fly upside
down for 10 seconds or so.  Before I decide on cageable gyro and dry sump;
does this make sense?  Can one safely do these manuveurs in a std RGE?  And
what is the roll rate of these things?

Question 2; totally unrelated.  A while back I ran out of disposable vinyl
gloves.  So did my local Home Depot store.  I was ordering some things from
AS and decided to get some "Series 8 - The wash-off hand protection"  It
says " highly recommended by Rutan Aircraft Factory for working with
epoxies. It protects the hands from most epoxies, grease, oil paint,
gasoline, tar, lacquer, acetone, styrene, fiberglass, etc."  I've been using
a thorough coating of this stuff in place of gloves.  Less hassle and much
more comfortable on hot days.  But how do I know it's really doing the job?
Or will it be "Oh, _ _ _ _!" six months from now.  Anybody have info or
long-term experience?

Poco a poco, se va lejos!  (or something like that)

Al Gietzen  RGE