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Re: First Flight

In a message dated 98-07-09 21:05:43 EDT, you write:

<<   The only persistant problem I'm having is getting all the darn
 oil leaks out of the engine. >>


One thing that is sometime overlooked, is to make sure that you have a good
engine breather system.  If you build up any backpressure in the case, those
pesky little oil leaks will stay.  If you have the 5/8" breather line, see if
you can change the thing over to 3/4".  This will require changing the fitting
on the engine.  I found that the "homebuilders oil separator" as sold by
Spruce, did nothing to help me, and only provided a area for pulses to be
stored (two sources, breather line, and drain back line), which seemed to work
against the incomming pulses, causing a slight backpressure.  Now a "Walker"
separator is a good unit.  This may not be your problem, but just one of those
little things that happened to me.  

Once a oil path is formed past a silicone seal, for what ever reason, it is
hard to stop it even though the cause is remedied, unless the seal and the
mating surfaces are cleaned with a solvent and dried.  (ie.)If a valve cover
is removed that utilizes a silicone seal, the seal-cover-head surfaces MUST be
cleaned with a solvent and dried other wise they will always leak.   

Scott, I'm sure if you overhauled your engine, you know all this, I'm just
thinking out loud for others that may not.