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Re: Canard Installion Sequence

             I wouldn't advise drilling and installing the bushings until
the top is on because the canard reinforcements need to be done first and
they extend up onto the upper half of the fuselage. You may also need to
shim the port side to get the canard aligned with the main spar. I laid up
my shim pad before the top was on then glassed over it with the triax
reinforcements. Duct tape on the tabs and a little microglass on the
bulkhead and around the edges of the tabs will give you good conformity and
make it easier to relocate the canard later. These items will result in the
bushing extending forward of the bulkhead and may change the alignment of
the canard tabs with the fuselage centerline. My aim was to get the bushings
to fit flat against the tabs with the bolts perpendicular for maximum
strength. To do this I drilled the tabs 1/8" first then used them to guide a
pilot hole drilled from the front with a right angle drive.     -Bill

prototype Super Chipmunk N18EF
Velocity Classic RG N6098S in the works