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Re:First Flight

Although I've been silent on the reflector for the past 2 years.  I have
learned much and 
have incorporated many of the reflector contributors suggestions into my
I thank all of you out there in helping me build my Velocity.

Start date February 1996
First flight July 7th 1998

2.5 years and 2250 hours of work.

I have built a  std wing,fixed gear, elite, with big strakes
Power is by a LIO-360 C1E6, 200hp
Performance 3 blade prop  66-74
Empty weight I'm ashamed to admit is 1441.5 lbs.  Heavy I know but I did 
add a few extras that added weight like a Engine halon extinguuisher
system, full 
deluxe IFR panel, Fiberfrax firewall, larger wheels option, and a real nice

Engine overhauled by myself.

First flight with a new plane and a new engine was to say the least quite
interesting.  I went to Florida in late May to get checked out by Scott.
3 hours of circuits and I was fairly comfortable.  The first flight  went
off without
a hitch.  The only persistant problem I'm having is getting all the darn
oil leaks
out of the engine.

STatic rpm 2200 on my first flight but the engine has loosened up a bit
now and by my third flight I'm now getting 2300 static.

Speeds with only the front wheel pant on are as follows.
2200 rpm  135kts
2400 rpm  155kts
2500 rpm  165kts which right now is full throtle.

Oil temp was 210 degrees on climb out and 200 degrees in cruise.
cylinder head temps.      1- 350degrees
			2- 394 degrees
			3- 390 degrees
			4- 396 degrees
  Exhaust gas temps	1-4  all around 1280-1320degrees

The aircraft is perfect, it flies smooth with only a slight wing heaviness
on the right side.  The ball flies in the middle.
I haven't done any canard stalls yet to see what the lower numbers are, but
I'll let you know if your interested?

I'm hoping to be at Oshkosh so come by and say hello.
Ident C-GCGP

Scott Keighan 
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario