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Re: Stec 30 install

Hi Leon!

Where in Australia?  I will be working in Adelaid in August

Put the servos mechanically as close to the control surface as possible. 
My roll servo is on top the canard (in the doghouse).  I mounted the roll
servo in my left wing.  

I think the only problem you will have is with wing rock.  Keep the
mechanical gain as low as possible on the Roll servo.  I removed the servo
bracket and mounted the cntl rod directly to the servo to lower gain. 
Make the arm on the aileron as long as possible WITHOUT allowing the servo
to crank the cntl rod over center.  Then I had to reduce the 15K roll-gain
resistor to 9K.  I should have went to 8K as I still get mild wing-rock
some times.

You will love the S-Tec autopilot!


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