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Re: Insurance nightmare

Andrew L. Judge wrote:

> I guess my best bet is to cross my fingers, straighten up and fly right.
> Wish me luck as I have about $70K of uninsured machinery
> taking to the skies during the most dangerous phase of flight testing.

Guess that rash of recent Velocity accidents had to show up in the insurance
statistics sooner or later.

If it makes you feel any better, were you to have an accident, the insurance
company would probably find a way to wriggle out of paying you anyway. This way
you'll save money, and you will know who's responsible for paying for damage.

Personally, I plan to insure mine for only liability, ground operations, and
theft, fire, etc. I'll drop the ground operations if that costs very much.

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor Classic
T -4 months & holding