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Re: Incidence gauges

Mr Greg Poole wrote:

> What is the minimum garage door size anybody has got their std body out
> through?    (1) with carry thru spar on, and
>             (2) with strakes on??

2) Duane Swing may hold the record on this category. Built his first Velocity in
his 2-car garage with two separate doors. However, for removal, he employed a
chain-saw. Is that disqualifying?

What about Wim Huisman? Built his 173 FG in his basement with only a standard set
of sliding doors for egress. Ripped the rear wall out of his house and pushed the
plane out, nice as you please.

Just like giving birth.

Guess the moral is: Allow yourself to think freely.

Does that help?

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor Classic
T -4 months & holding