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Electronic ignition

> I'm about to buy Jeff Rose's Electronic Ignition system.  However, I wanted to
> know if anyone has any price, performance and vender support information on
> the Laser ignition or the Klaus Savier product or any other electronic
> ignition that I might be overlooking.  Thanks to anyone with some info.  Duane
> recommended the Jeff Rose product because that is what they use.  Any
> thoughts?
> Shawn N171SP
> Velocity FG Standard, Lycoming IO360 w/MT prop.

   I have a Light Speed Plasma ignition from Klaus Savier.  Klaus has a
web site at <www.lsecorp.com> with prices, etc..  I understand that the
LSE ignition works better with a Stormscope, we'll see.  If you are
using the electric MT prop, then you will have problems using the LSE
crank trigger.  I think that I have the problem solved, but won't know
for sure until I fly.  By the way, the electric MT prop requires the
large pulley flywheel to be used on the IO-360.  Of course I found this
out the hard way.

Dave Scharfenberg