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auto Engine

Looking for a  great choice to push My Velocity.
These are just sum of the things I have looked into for my
quest on a engine of choice .Rotary have a fuel burn that is 10- 15% worse than any standard combustion engine so that calculates out to about $4,000
in fuel cost alone at just 10% over 2000 hr, with  a cheap fuel cost
 of only $2.00 a gallon.  Yes you can use auto fuel but realistically
it can not be found at may airports. So with that extra $4,000 you could
put a hole new Chevy motor in your plane, if need be.  There four life
span of the rotary over the Chevy thins down considerably even if there
is any difference. As far as  reliability of the two engines
 neither the rotary or the Chevy have an real life  track record Yet. Yea the
rotary has some racing experience but so does the standard piston engine.
The rotary does have a  great life span in racing at full throttle . You  might think of it this way to . The Chevy engine you put in your plane is not going to be turning
 in the 8,000 + rpm range like the race versions. to get to the power range
you need .  You can get plenty of power in  5,800 range to do the job with a box stock LS1.
The hardest thing on an engine is  stop and go driving which is reduced significantly in  aircraft application. Hence the aircraft application for an auto motive engine is just waiting to be proven given the time and effort  By  a lot
of hard working Experimental Aircraft builders.
As far as aircraft engines are concerned they work well but they are still
using old technology. You wouldn't be using an  286 computer these
days so why would you want an engine that predates that by another
some 30 odd years. Yes it has a great track record  but look at  it some time
after all these years they still are sending out repair order and up dates
for problems found on these engines to.
Just some of my thought on the subject .
Ron  N34CV