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Re: Insurance nightmare

In a message dated 98-07-02 19:37:08 EDT, you write:

 << Someone with more knowledge than I should talk to the EAA.  Where else
  insure, as I think only  Avemco insures the first 10 hours.  I'm sure other
  companies will follow suit or raise prices to extremes.
  I guess my best bet is to cross my fingers, straighten up and fly right. 
  Well I'm about two weeks from first flight and just brought my plane to the
  airport today. Wish me luck as I have about $70K of uninsured machinery
  taking to the skies during the most dangerous phase of flight testing. 
  That will really get my blood pumping, I'll need oxygen just to watch!
  Andy Judge
  N55AJ  FGE >>
 I was talking to Nancy at V West the other day about this. My conclusion was
that when the time comes, I may well have to blow off insurance as well. I'll
just make sure that I die in the crash as it is much more difficult to sue a
dead person...as if I would care!
 Dale Alexander
 173 RGE >>