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Insurance nightmare

 Well here it is, I've spent 2 years of seemingly endless work to build a
plane worthy of showing and I can't even insure it.  This is probably the
most depressing news I've gotten during the building period, and I've had
allot of it.  Avemco now requires that a pilot has at least 500 hours to
get insured in a Velocity.  Beyond that, you need to go through the
"factory program" and get checked out.  According to Avemco, it will be
about 10 hours.  I forgot what they said about tech counselor and flight
advisor.  Those rotton f#$! snakes (Avemco). I already went to the factory
to get time in type for insurance and those filthy pricks changed the rules
on me!  (I still highly reccomend it even if it is useless by insurance
standards)  I also had an EAA Tech couselor and EAA flight advisor. (Still
reccomend that too)

Someone with more knowledge than I should talk to the EAA.  Where else will
insure, as I think only  Avemco insures the first 10 hours.  I'm sure other
companies will follow suit or raise prices to extremes.

I guess my best bet is to cross my fingers, straighten up and fly right. 
Well I'm about two weeks from first flight and just brought my plane to the
airport today. Wish me luck as I have about $70K of uninsured machinery
taking to the skies during the most dangerous phase of flight testing. 
That will really get my blood pumping, I'll need oxygen just to watch!

Andy Judge