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Re: Fuel filter

Andrew L. Judge wrote:
> Someone wrote "I've seen a couple of them in some local marine stores but
> I'm not sure
> about what sizes are adequte. The ones I've seen are @3/4 to 1 inch barrel
> diameter."
> What do you use?
> I used a Fram HPG-1, high performance (10 micron filtration).  I also made
> a bracket off this for a fuel shut-off.  I don't like those cheap in-line
> filters.  The advantage is you can see the crap inside.  I don't think a
> glass filter is legal by car standards.  I couldn't find a plastic bowl for
> gas, only diesel.  They will work, but I feel safer using a metal bowl in
> the fuselage.  A well-known EZ builder came and saw my plane not too long
> ago and expressed his distrust of the inline filters that most Velocitys
> use.
> P.S. I'm in the marine industry and don't use cheapies on my boats either.
> Andy Judge

I'll second Andy's comments.  I'm using a filter from E&B Marine.  It
has an aluminum mount and uses a 70 GPH screw on filter that look s like
a small oil filter.  Lots of capacity and about $30.  I will put a small
clear plastic filter in line during the initial ground testing so I can
see how much junk I get out of the tanks.  I will remove it before
actual flight testing.

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