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Re: Fuel filter

Someone wrote "I've seen a couple of them in some local marine stores but
I'm not sure
about what sizes are adequte. The ones I've seen are @3/4 to 1 inch barrel

What do you use?

I used a Fram HPG-1, high performance (10 micron filtration).  I also made
a bracket off this for a fuel shut-off.  I don't like those cheap in-line
filters.  The advantage is you can see the crap inside.  I don't think a
glass filter is legal by car standards.  I couldn't find a plastic bowl for
gas, only diesel.  They will work, but I feel safer using a metal bowl in
the fuselage.  A well-known EZ builder came and saw my plane not too long
ago and expressed his distrust of the inline filters that most Velocitys

P.S. I'm in the marine industry and don't use cheapies on my boats either.

Andy Judge