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Re: Millenium Engine

I always liked the rotary engine idea, so I will keep looking for that 
high horsepower.  

HOWEVER, I am a chicken.  That engine will have alot of hours on it on a 
few planes before I would even consider it. I still won't consider an IVO 
prop, IMHO it is asking for trouble in an unforgiving environment.  At 
least the Franklin engine has been around.

I don't relish the lycoming/continentals in that they are old technology 
etc.  But they are really proven.  When I was deciding on my engine, I 
figured that the rest of the plane was experimental enough, especially 
since I built it!  

But of course, if no one ever experimented, we wouldn't be flying in the 
first place.

What I am looking at as a possible project, is the Laser ignition.  Seems 
to be a really safe, and very reliable to squeeze some efficiency out of 
the IO-360.

I guess it comes down to the risk/reward decision that each of us makes.

Sorry for rambling, just a few thoughts.

Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms