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Re: Incidence gauges

Mr Greg Poole wrote:
> >
> >I am going to get Velocity to plot out the points for the incidence gauges
> >and then I will make some kind of drawing available which you will be able
> >to photocopy and then check yours against if that sounds ok?
> >
> Good One Travis!
> AFter travelling half way round the world in a shipping container and
> hearing the problems others are having with their incidence guages it would
> be sure reassurring to know what angles mine is supposed to be providing!
> Thanks a million in anticipation,
> Greg
> Greg Poole (Rearing an infant Shortwing RG Elite down under)

Hey Greg,
	Don't you have to turn the jigs upside down and backwards to get them
to work right down there ?

Jeff Barnes