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Re: Oskosh

> Dear Velocitites,
> I'll be a Oskosh and would like to see as many Velocityies as possible
> and all of your good ideas.  Please let me know your "n" number name and
> expected location if assigned.
> Maybe a complete list could be sent to Velocity and made availle at the
> Dinner.

If someone compiles a list, I'll put it on the web.

New Aviation will be housed in
Hangar D
Aisle B
Booth 4124

Come on by and buy a few engines from me!  I'll take your money!

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
Life is what you make of it ... never wish you had done something.
Aviator, experimental aircraft builder, motorcyclist, SCUBA diver
musician, home-brewer, entrepenuer and SINGLE!