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Re: Elevator Trim Tab

> WoW!!!!
> I think you'll find that it will only take about 1/2 degree of movement at
> most in cruse to make the change needed.  You will not be able to controll a
> servo that fast.  Insted of P.I.O. (pilot induced oscillation) you will have
> S.I.O.. (servo).  Have the "sic-sack's" handy, and count me out.

Okay.  This is good information to have.
Rather than experimenting, are there ballpark figures for me to use?
trim tab 15 centimeters wide (hinge pin is 15cm)
	and it is 5 centimeters long.  This makes a square
	area of 75cm^2.
servo accuracy:  How fine does my resolution need to be?  Should
	I resolve to .1degree? one degree?

Do I have enough area on my trim tab?

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