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A great little tool for mixing epoxy and bubbles

Hi all,

I'm now in the process of filling the wings for finishing. Mixing micro-
bubbles at the "cup-at-a-time" rate was really dropping an anchor on the
project. I went looking around for paint mixer and wasn't having much luck
until I happened into a auto paint store. The co-owner didn't have anything in
the auto line, BUT she did remember something from a booklet from her pottery
hobby supply house.

What she turned me onto was a mixer for pottery clay, certainly strong enough
for micro. Several sizes are available from pint up to 100 gallon containers.
The mixer is operated by a hand drill and looks like a drill rod with paddles
on it. I purchased some clean 1 gallon paint cans for a dollar each and tried
the mixer.

I weighed out a total of 600 grams of alphapoxy and mixed for about 20
seconds. I added several hand fulls of bubbles until the quantity looked to be
about 1/2 gallon of mixed micro. Time: 10 minutes. I had covered the bottom of
the wing and the outer side of the winglet in under 2 hours. It ain't as fast
as Danny, but I felt pretty good about it!

The mixer is made of 304 SS. It can be purchased from:

Lily Pond Products
351 W.Cromwell #105
Fresno, CA. 93711

The mixer that I purchased was model number HS-2 for $15.50. I think that a
HS-1 for $13.50 will work just as well for a slight reduction in price.

Hope this helps...

Dale Alexander
173 RGE