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Re: 400 hp at 2900 rpm (was "Water Wetter")

John asks:
>Does anyone know how/if these guys are getting 400 hp at 2900 rpm out of
>this engine.

There are two basic ways I can think of. One is boost pressure. The
rotary can stand very high boost pressure, either from turbo- or
super-charging, *if* you can bleed the heat from producing all that
power. The second is by telling lies or being an optimistic dreamer.

Mazda races these 3 rotor engines at 900 hp, and they are reported
to last an entire season, compared to the one-race-one-rebuild cycle
which is normal for piston engines. I have read that Mazda has
boosted the 3 rotor to 1200 hp. So, the output figures are possible,
although I thought that these high hp figures came at 10,000 rpm,
not the 6,000 rpm reported on the web page. For those not familiar
with these rotaries, note that the rotors spin at 1/3 the rpm as the

I look forward to seeing one of Dragon Aerospace's engines flying.

>Some of their stats seem a bit nonlinear to normal
>thermodynamic outputs.


I'm working on a 3 rotor for my Velocity, and I will be going a far
simpler route, and expecting to get far more normal hp output. I am
presently expecting to go without a turbo and expect about 240 hp. I
like the idea of keeping the engine as simple as possible.