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Re: Fuselage transport

In a message dated 98-06-29 10:45:57 EDT, you write:

 Besides, $30 is cheap, you can call a 1800 number here in Texas,
 and you can pay with a credit card.  Simple.


In Calif. $30 bucks wouldn't pay a state employee enough to tell you there
going on break, and you will have to come back in a hour.  Be sure to check
your state and city.  For me to do it "correct" in So. Ca.  I would of had to
pull a permit for every city I would pass thru along with one form the state
once on the fwy. ( yea right, I'll be right down ).  A Chipy buddy of mine
told me to do it around 5 A.M. when the shift change happens, and DON'T break
any traffic laws.  If a Cop with nothing better does want to pull you over,
just pull an O.J. and continue to the destination then stop.  If you do stop,
it will stay parked until you do get all the bureaucrats (who we pay for, but
thay don't work for us), do decide to "grant" us the permits we need which
will be a while to teach you a lesson.  The failure to stop is a misdemeanor,
and the fine is much less than the permits.  A customer of mine who has a
crane business also told me the same, because I/we are (stupid) private Joe's
we can get away with it.  He also estimated that the permits for me me to move
it 35 mi. would be around $200.00 (for what?) not counting all the red tape.
He uses a "professional permit company" who pulls all permits and maps the
route for you.  That would cost about $400.00.

I decided to not open the "pandora's box" and all went well.  But just to be
on the safe side, I retained Johnny Cockren ;-)

The moral of this story? If you have to move it, live in Texas I guess.

A flat bed trailer worked great, and the minimum with I could get I think was
11'-6".  I had a car in front and back with radios, fun.