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New Door Pivots

I've just recieved the new batch of door pivots that will superceed the ones
provided with the kit for Elite models.  The new mount will eliminate the
torque on the rear of the door which causes the door to "bulge".  The price
for the machined AL piece that will simply fit to the factory mounting holes
in the door is $25.00 +Shipping for the pair.  The builder is required to
drill out and tap the hole for the pivot ball, but the hole is pre-indexed.

Currently, I am still unable to get the gas struts that are smaller, lighter
than the originals, but when I do I'll inform the group.  When available,
the struts will require a new pivot point mounted higher on the carbon beam
B-pillar, but will still use the new door mount.  The factory gas struts
will work,  but don't provide the authority to keep the door open in a windy
day (possible konk on the head.)  Several builders have already changed
struts to a higher force to rectify this situation.

If interested,  contact me via e-mail or 
Phone: wk 208.454.4486 
        hm 208.345.9243
        cel 208.890.2456

(Shipping is usually less than $8 to anywhere in US)