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Re: Fuselage transport

> > >How have others moved their airplane to the airport ?  I plan to move mine
> > >to the airport this week.  Ramp truck seems to be good, but will I need a
> > >"spotter" car?
> You're supposed to get a permit from DOT for hauling wide loads, 
> (Greater than about eight feet.) and have police escourt through 
> cities. When I checked into it a couple of years ago, I had to 
> chuckle when they asked how many tons the item was.

At my "other job" at the Department of Transportation, I've
got the Motor Carrier Vehicle office right next door.  Remember
this is all in Texas, so your mileage may vary.  I just called
up my old paintball buddy over there and this is what he had
to say:

Any cargo over 8' 6" wide must have a permit.
All you need is a one trip permit, and it costs $30.
Police escort is not required.
They pull out all the maps for your proposed route and tell you
what to look out for and suggest alternate routes if they see a 
They are not responsible for city streets, but will occasionally
do the city work for you as well.

What it all boils down to is that you also need to get in touch
with the city and the state.  Realistically, no one is going to
stop you for having an overwide load, although the police could
if they just felt like handing out a ticket.  The city police
would probably be placated if you could pull out a state permit
for your trip.  At least it shows an effort on compliance.
I imagine that a city permit would be a little more hassle, because
they don't issue as many permits as the state does.

A permit will help in case you have an accident and try to collect
insurance.  At least it proves that the state thought the route you 
chose was safe.

Besides, $30 is cheap, you can call a 1800 number here in Texas,
and you can pay with a credit card.  Simple.

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