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Hi  Greg,  (Down Under)

I pondered long and hard, spoke to many persons who were familiar with
the performance of  planes with different wing loading, and they all
the short wing standard model.  (I believe the XL has the same wing

They said the Standard would  be a better IFR Cross Country platform,  they
were right.
N104MW is a little pitch sensitive below 4000Ft, (I have no reason why) but
above 4000Ft
it holds altitude very well.

To answer your questions: 

Are the factory specs on the button.? 
I don't really know, the factory specs (at lease the ones I have) is for 
a 200HP O-360  Fixed prop.  I am using  220 HP and an adjustable prop.
Take off roll, climb performance and cruise are better  than Velocity's 

During the second test flight, the test pilot (Tom Geta) said he took 
the plane to 200KIAS during flutter test. (Nose slightly down of course)

The factory specs would only be pertinent to the actual aircraft
they were obtained from.  Your plane may be a tad faster or slower, clime 
may be better or worse, no two planes are built the same.

Would I build a std Elite again?

Yes Yes  and Yes!!!
I'm no cowboy but I like landing hot and flat. (85KIAS no chance of

Franklin Engine?
Having built over 150 BMW racing engines  over the last 30 years (A hobby)
I have developed an ear for a  finely balanced and tuned engine. The
engine at full bore is music to my ears.  Maintenance seems very simple, 
top plate and oil pan can be removed to inspect all moving parts within the
engine.   The cylinders are sleeved, $100 bucks each, compared to $1200 ++
for a cylinder barrel for the other brands.

By the way, for engine monitoring, I am using a product made in Canada by
AUDIO FLIGHT AVIONICS.   It monitors 10 engine functions and talk to 
you in a sexy  female voice if any of the set parameters approach high or

Yes, I know, I kinda skirted your original question as Rick did, but until 
I have a chance to fly with a co-pilot to make precise figures, I do not
to give out any erroneous information.  

PS.  I had all systems checked and re-callibrated this week end by a pro
My airspeed  indicator was off by 8KIAS on the high side. However my Rocky
Mountain was right on.
Best Regards

Mike Watson
Velocity Elite RG    Franklin/IVO