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Back from Flying Adventure!

Hi gang,

Judy, Darla, and I landed late last evening in St. Augustine FL, 
returning home from our 9 day Velocity flying adventure. Our trip of over 
5500 miles of flying included overnight stops in:
Albuquerque NM, Sedona AZ, Monterey CA, Victoria BC Canada (3 nights), 
Jackson Hole WY (2 nights), then home to St Augustine.
We ended up reversing the trip due to weather last thursday.

I can report first hand that the Velocity is a very good cross country 
machine! We also flew 3 legs in IFR conditions. The legs from Victoria to 
clear customs in Portland OR, and then from Portland OR to Jackson Hole 
WY (over Rockies) were hard IFR. Everything worked great and went very 
well. With one exception; my Ivo prop motor failed while taking off from 
Monterey CA. I continued the remainder of the trip as a fixed pitch prop. 
Ivo did send me a loaner motor to Victoria, but conditions were IFR the 
day the motor arrived, thus I decided to leave things alone for safety 
reasons. Changing the motor would involve removing all three blades, 
which requires a complete torquing sequence. Not a good idea in IFR 
conditions. So I made sure that my airports had good long runways and 
sacrificed on cruise and climb performance the remainder of the trip. The 
Franklin burned about 9-10 GPH in cruise.

Volume 15 of Velocity Views Newsletter will be mailed this Monday. I'm 
busy labeling, stamping, etc. so I can deliver them to the Post Office on 

No need to reply to this message, I just though I'd pass on some fun 
experiences to those of you still "in labor". Get out there and work on 
your project everyday, so you too can have some fun flying adventures!

Rick Lavoie

Rick Lavoie

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