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CONTACT Magazine for Auto-Conversions

Hi Folks !

	Recent discourse in the 'reflector', thanks to R.Wayne Owens, has
uncovered (new to me, anyway) an additional resource for anyone
considering automotive engines.  I keep saying I'm not,  but nonetheless
await info on the Chevy Mark Machado is working on, have always had a
minor fascination with the shape, simplicy & power potential of
rotaries, and in general find auto-conversions an interesting topic.  
	Anyway, it's CONTACT magazine, a synopsis of it's issues are at at
http://www.flash.net/~contact1/index/index.html, which I found from
Steve Parkman's air-motive site http://flash.net/~swagaero, then got a
NEW URL for the mag and/or ordering info at
http://www.nonprofitnet.com/contact (but it's not working yet).  Their
phone is 520-881-2232 (enter 881-2232 again if you get into their

	I'm still trying to see how much it'll cost me...I'm playing phone &
email tag with editor Mick Myal.

	It leans heavily toward auto-conversion engines but also has some good
general Home-Building stuff, and has an Alan Shaw article in Issue 8 on
composite joints (pre-dates the Velocity weed-runner jokes), so it has
to be good. 

Jeff Barnes
Velocity XL-RG N411JB