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David Parrish,
 A question for you.
At 130knots, that's 5.4 inHg, or almost 3 PSI. AT 108in2, 
that's 286 lbs pushing on the rad, so it needs to be well secured and 

With all those holes between the fins do you figure that as a flat

Better to have a variable outlet, like the P-51.

I have been sketching this inlet for days now and Looking at Vance
Atkinsons design and I dont THINK mine will be more complicated than 
the outlet. The reason I considered pluggin the front instead was to
leave room to tag on the augmentor later.
I have experimented with a simple duct back to the prop- a ready made
cooling fan, and it pulls some air even without the exhaust (wish I had
thought to measure it)so that option would be closed off with a back
door flap.

says you don't even need a 
inlet diffusser, just an exit diffuser to control the flow. (Not sure 
I totally agree with that one.)

CONTACT Magazine issue 43 page 15 had another cooling article where the
guy from Belted Air Power said something that fits that category of
mystic aerodynamics. He said the inlet duct should be 1.23 times as long
as the outlet duct. Any idea why?