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RAdiator fans.

I have been trying to avoid fans. They will be in the way above 30 mph
and even though Bayard duPont said he flew with some for two years 
"others" have told me that they over rev so much at speed the bearings
dont last. Hmm, maybe that is because of a badly shaped duct without a
reasonable airspeed impinging on them.
The Mustang didnt have a fan. I saw one owner sit with his shutdown
engine about 15 minutes waitng for the rad temp to come down. A definate
inconvenience. I can manage 15 minutes of idle/taxi rpm on my test stand
befor the coolant temp gets to 220 degrees.
I thind i will try the spritzer when I get my new radiator. 275 cubic
inches was definately not enough for 230 HP. Im pretty sure the one Ron
Davis in building now will be too large 528 cu.in. but a variable inlet
should reduce the drag penalty. The final iteration 5 years from now
will be just right.