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Re: 24 V Electric System

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998 07:46:17 -0500 (CDT) "Brian K. Michalk"
<michalk@awpi.com> writes:

>1) Use two 12 volt batteries.  If you connect them in series, and
>tap off of the center lead, then you have your twelve volt source.
While this setup is technically quite feasible and easy to configure, it
is a very unsafe setup for aircraft usage. There are too many common
parts to virtually make the entire system useless in the event of a
failure. Virtually everything in the airplane quites working except for
the one or two 12 volt items that you are trying to power with this
setup! Use this in your boat, HumVee, whatever, but please do not use
this setup in a airplane.

>2) Use a single battery.  Now you will need a DC-DC converter.
> Make sure it's a quality converter.
 Now your talking!  FYI...KSG Electronics have aviation approved voltage
converters as well as Astron. KSG is what the big boys use and believe me
they get the big boy toy prices! (How about $880 list for a KSG Model
LT57(f)! It is a 28-14 Volt converter (regulated within 2% for load and
2% for temperature) (10 amps cont.).  An Astron Model 2412  28-14 Volt
converter (regulated within +/- .2 V) (9 amp cont. / 12 amp max) is $168
list. Astron also makes a Model 2412-20 (+/- .2 v / 16 A cont. / 20 A
max.) for $290 list.

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