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Just for the record, Don Pearsall (builder three Velocities and the A&P of
choice for three others here in Tulsa) examined the Velocity in question
and totalled it.  There was so much structural damage it would be cheaper
and take less timeto build a new plane.  And you would know that you didn't
miss any critical damage!
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I am forwarding this email to the group just to see if anyone is
interested. I 
 responded to Edward's post in the homebuilder's newsgroup.  Sounds like a
bummer of a right side ground loop!

Edward Cole wrote:
> Bob Ginsberg wrote:
> > Edward,
> >
> > What kind of velocity is it?
> >
> > Can you be a little more specific on the damage?
> >
> > What will be left in after you remove the instruments and engine?
> >
> > Where are you?
> >
> > --
> > Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms
> Bob,
> I'm going to sound ignorant on this as I don't know Velocity's from a
> hole in the ground. I bought this as salvage from
> Avemco. The guy who built it damaged it in a high speed taxi accident.
> It had a great panel and an IO360 engine that I wanted
> for my RV6A..
> I can tell you it is a retractable with what looks like a clam shell
> entry. It was s/n 174 from the factory. Keep in mind that I have
> not physically seen the aircraft as I had friends view it in Maryland
> and send back photos.
> The aircraft had 17hrs on it, all taxi hrs, as it never flew.
> I'll know more later as I have to move it by July 17.
> I can email you a couple of pictures.
> The damage per the adjusters write up was as follows:
> "Rigth wing stressed with possible spar damage, right strake, right
> rudder, ailerons, canard, elevators, nose gear (bent),
> nose gear doors and hinges, oil cooler scoop, pitot tube, fuselage
> damaged(nose sides and bottom)"(described to me as small
> holes).
> What will be let is a complete Velocity with interior, engine mount ,
> all controls, pumps , and motors.
> I'll leave it complete as possible for the buyer. Some one with the time
> and skill could probably get this bird in the
> air relatively cheap. I spoke with George Shaw at Wingco and he says he
> has replacement wings and control surfaces.
> I really don't want to part the thing out or haul it to Calif from
> Maryland.
> In investigating Velocity kit prices, it looks like $30k is the norm at
> minimum. This could be a "quick build" for a composite guy.
> at a relatively low price. I'm open for any offer as I'm building a "tin
> can" :^)
> Let me know what othe info I can give you.
> By the way, I'm in Cupertino,CA(near San Jose) and the aircraft is
> presently in Maryland.
> Ed Cole
> 408-257-3281 H (call collect if you like)
> 408-737-7600 x6605 W

Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms

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Charles Freeland "On a wing and a prayer"
10:00 am 06/24/98