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Elevator Trim Up at cruise.

Hi Tim,
I weigh 160Lbs and fly N104MW with 75Lbs under the co-pilot seat.  I also see a
1/4 to 3/8  inch up elevator at cruise (170KIAS).

I have had no problems with antennas (Alan Shaw's wings) and I operate in a 
Class B  environment
How did you manage to get only 25 hours in the box ??.  I was given 40 hours
within a 35mile radius which is driving me crazy.  I feel like a race driver on
a short track oval.
N104MW at 14 hours.
Replaced oil lines with 5/8 lines.
Replaced oil pressure relief spring (Franklin).
Replaced All three IVO Blades (Poor weld at pivot point. one broke on takeoff
The new blades work great,  real short takeoff run.
Returned  IVO Motor Drive for upgrade (New hardened shaft).
Replaced Brushes at  6Hrs and 14Hrs (IVO Prop Assy).
Replaced both (Velocity supplied) gas caps ( Both seized, tabs broke trying to
open them)
Still cannot get my AFA Tach to operate smoothly.
Other than above, N104MW flies straight, is very fast , turns on a dime and
practically lands itself. 
Mike Watson
Velocity Elite RG  /  Franklin / IVO