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nose down

Tim Crawford

The second velocity built from the molds Dan moved the strake down 1.5
to 2" too make it easier to get in.  It was very slow.  He sold it to
Sam Desilva who re-rigged the canard up about 1 degree.  The plane
picked up 12 knots top end and could be landed much slower with more
What we think was happening was that the canard wake was dumping on the
leading edge of the strake plus the fuselage and strake were flying at
In my opinion the way your plane is rigged now is ideal because the
fuselage and strake are nose down at cruise providing max efficiency.
On the other end of the envelope, when you are heavy and slow, that
elevator authority can be very welcome.  Rigged the way you are and with
some practice you may be very surprised at your Velocities weight
carrying and STOL capabilities.  It's a very different plane than a