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Re: fuel vent line

>We are in the process of putting in the vent lines in our fixed gear
>elite.  The KPC 060 states to run the line forward of the main gear
>bulkhead because of the  composition of the flooring in that area.  My
>question is:  Do we also do away with the naca scoop preparation as well
>as the slanting of the hole that is drilled to accept the vent line?


whatever the KPC says (I don't have it in front of me): forget about NACA
scoops in this case. NACA scoops are dynamic. They work with air
throughput. There is no appreciable air flow through the vent lines; not
enough in any case to result in pressure inside the scoop.

Either bend the vent lines forward for about 1" or better yet: have them go
straight down and cut them at a 45 deg angle, the opening facing forward.
That way you get a little help with ram pressure.

And yes, you fix them by gouging out some foam and filling that void with
microballoon or, if the bottom has no foam there, with a bead of

Since you will have a Franklin (I assume <g>) make sure that the vent lines
don't get in the way of the induction scoop. (Experience speaking here).


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland