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Re: Safe airplanes


Thanks for keeping us posted on your research interests.  I've never
doubted your resolve to improve flying safety since you posted all those
notes on ballistic chutes.

I've been in academic life a long time, and it's very easy to spot sincere,
honest researchers.  They ask the hard questions.  They share their
findings.  (You've shared valuable information with all of us to improve
our aircraft).  They keep open minds.  And, most importantly, money is not
their primary objective.  You've exhibited all of these hallmarks in the
way you have run your company.  And since money isn't your primary goal in
life, you'll likely end up with plenty of it.  We all hope so.  Keep up the
hard work, and keep asking the hard questions.

Dennis Martin
Velocity 173 FGE
Chevy 4.5 Liter Racing Engine