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Great X-Country Web Site

Greetings fellow flyers:

I'm renting a spam can to fly from Provo, UT to Washington State Univ. in
Pullman next month.  And they pay all expenses, so why fly Southwest?  I
ran into a great X-Country planning web site:


Simon - maybe you can use Airnav to plan a trip from Tampa to Utah if you
get any long X-Country time available.  Same invitation is open to any of
you who may want to explore our part of the Rockies.

Airnav gives you about a dozen options between two points.  Then it brings
up each airport with all the details needed to punch in coordinates, pick a
runway, gas up, gas prices, etc.  Even has some crude maps.  I learned not
to land in Jackpot Nevada.  Fuel prices likely higher, warning about
mountain peaks near strip, etc.  I'm a very low time pilot, so I appreciate
as much info as possible.

Maybe you 1000-hour pilots already know this site, but I was excited to
find it, and use it.  (Found it in an article in Plane & Pilot - gag -
bought it because I was bored on a flight to Minneapolis, and had read
every other flying pub).

Have fun dreaming about your next X-Country.

Dennis Martin