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Re: N6Q Trim & Antennas

Tim Crawford wrote:

> a trim problem.  The elevator rides up 1/2" and N6Q is built "per the
> plans".  This is not correct!  Are others having this problem?

Why don't you just send your wing and canard guages to Duane?

> For the record, I have very simple RST antennas (just like the plans --
> Com 1&2, Nav 1&2, ILS, & MB).  For safety, I ALWAYS fly flight following
> or IFR.  N6Q's antennas works great -- even in those big western ARTC
> sectors!  Will those expensive Sportcraft antennas stay bonded under the
> skin?  KISS

The day after I finished closing out my Com 1 & 2 and Nav 1 & 2 antennas
from Martin, I had Dave Black come over and check them out with his SWR
meter. They looked pretty good, didn't they Dave? Since then, we've both
used PPG PRIMA K36 Acrylic Urethane Primer, no zinc oxide. He has even
painted his wings. The SWR readings have changed very little. By the
way, I rolled my primer on, no pin holes. Dave didn't. I sort of had to
used my roller at times as a squegee.

Carl Hoffman, Std RG Elite, N1QR