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Brian K. Michalk wrote:
> Okay:
> Who sent me the research for an augmentor?
> I have the files.  They are:
> http://www.awpi.com/michalk/pics/augment1.jpg
> http://www.awpi.com/michalk/pics/augment2.jpg
> http://www.awpi.com/michalk/pics/augment3.jpg
> I already deleted your email.
> Anyway, I'm not exactly sure how this would be useful; I'm
> not a fluid dynamicist.  Sure, I can see how it could be used
> for scavenging exhaust but I don't see how I could get it
> all to fit.
> What are the advantages?

Those considering water cooled engines such as David Parish ,Lino
Moya,and others should consider this. On my test stand  I fabricated one
for each bank of three cylinders and the exhaust  pulses and propeller
vacuum pulled a 5.4 inch mannometer reading across my belly mounted
radiator  The differential airspeed reading was 92 kts at 5150 engine
(2800prop) rpm. It really sucks! These could really reduce drag. There
was recently some discussion on the Reflector of Charlie Airesmans
article in the CSA Newsletter and Contact Magazine. So I thought there
might be some folks who wanted further details.

If the info is too far  from the Velocity mainstream just delete it and
maybe the other readers who are using auto conversions and are
interested could contact me directly.
Wayne Owens