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Re: 24 V Electric System

> Can I use 24V Electric System for Velocity?
> The reason is that most of the avionics I have are 24 VDC (or 28V) systems.
> I know that the trim actuators and speed brake actuators included in the
> Velocity kit are 12 VDC system.
> I'm considering to buy 24 V actuators or put some resistors to drop down
> the voltage.
> Would there be any other problems if I use 24 V system?

I don't see any problem with a 24 volt system.  But to get 12
volts using a pair of resistors as a voltage divider is going
to waste a LOT of energy into heat.  There are two better alternatives:

1) Use two 12 volt batteries.  If you connect them in series, and
tap off of the center lead, then you have your twelve volt source.

2) Use a single battery.  Now you will need a DC-DC converter.
The really efficient ones are switching converters with accuracies
around 90 to 98%.  Make sure your switching converter does not interfere
with any avionics.  Some of the converters use a square wave switching
frequency whose harmonics could affect your avionics.  Make sure
it's a quality converter.

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