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Re: 24 V Electric System

Hello-  you didn't specify, but if you had an RG there might be a problem
with the hydraulic pump and solenoids.
 If you have the older 12V trim actuators as I do I measured the current
draw at 5.6A. I experimented with 100Watt adjustable wirewound resistors to
see if I could slow the actuators in my system. I found that the unit won't
start if the voltage is too low- I forget the exact figure. It would run if
jump started but there wasn't enough power to get it turning initially. The
threshold is quite abrupt- a matter of one or two ohms. Something to keep in
mind. On the good side the resistor barely got warm during the cycle so I
don't think you would need to be concerned about melting anything nearby.
Good luck-  Bill