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No Subject


I have been released form my flight test box.  My first travels took me
from Knoxville to Colorado Springs and back.  N6Q did great.  This weekend
N6Q goes to Boulder.

My biggest complaint is the trim.  I am 180# and my wife is 190#.  WE (and
Sharon's luggage) went to Colorado Springs for the weekend.  Duane, I have
a trim problem.  The elevator rides up 1/2" and N6Q is built "per the
plans".  This is not correct!  Are others having this problem?

For the record, I have very simple RST antennas (just like the plans --
Com 1&2, Nav 1&2, ILS, & MB).  For safety, I ALWAYS fly flight following
or IFR.  N6Q's antennas works great -- even in those big western ARTC
sectors!  Will those expensive Sportcraft antennas stay bonded under the
skin?  KISS

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