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Re: Ewart Accident

Dave Black wrote:

> Alan,
> > > It's interesting to note several references to "No Radio."

Once I had 1/3 of a spinner hanging on and it was hard to talk on the radio at 1500
rpm.  Marks cabin must have been a total blurr with one whole prop blade missing...
then add the pandimonium of his precious family?  I would rather not have had to
talk about it but Dave from my  experiences with vibrations and having tested his
antennas myself  I'm not going to take the blame on this one.

> > > Wonder if Mark had ever checked his antennas after building them?
> > > My experience has uncovered lots of defective antennas in glass planes.

Does that mean I'm not the only one who has not installed network broadcast quality
antennas in aircraft?   Remember our antennas are usually 10,000' tall and we don't
need network quality transmission.

> > He had the same wings as you.  He brought the plane here were we replaced
> > the wells and rudders with glass ones.  Then we tested his old antennas
> > with our new $1,000 meter.  They were as good as the "sportcrafts" we had
> > installed in another set of wings except above 130 mhz effeciency dropped
> > off like all standard length RST com dipoles.
> >
> > Alan
> The antennas in my wings were defective out of the box.

Built according to the Dan Maher and RST plans with the exception of the carbon
behind them in the rudder.  This carbon configuration I had previously flown all
over the LA basin with out communication problems.

The Sportcraft Comm antennas still check very good to excellent across the whole

So do the simpler RST's with 1/2" added to each di-pole.

> unmodified Navs remain poor.

Nav's stock.  How much good is it to test a nav antenna for the amount of refected
signal returned from signals being transmitted out?  The only problem I ever had
with navs were when installed in the belly they only worked about 40 miles "from" a

> Dave Black

Dave did I ever tell you that my wife has this nice old black cat named....yeh
Blacky.  Well lately my wife is jealous because Blacky always comes to me instead of
her like in the past.  The cat is 13 and getting a little strange but mellow just
like people who age.We've always had our differences but I've always liked you Dave.