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Salvage Velocity

This guy is a member of my local chapter, and he asked me if I knew
of anyone interested in Velocity parts from a wreck. I offered to
post the details to the reflector. If the reflector wishes me or another
to avoid doing such things in the future, just say so ... I'll be happy
to comply.

===== begin forwarded mail =====
I spoke with you a couple of weeks ago concerning a Velocity aircraft I
was investigating
for salvage purposes and you mentioned that you might put up a notice on
the Velocity reflector.
Well, I won the salvage bid today. I want the engine and panel so what I
have to offer is the following;

Completed Velocity Elite (s/n 174) damaged in a high speed taxi
accident. 17 hrs. on airframe (never flown)
Registered in Canada  Oct. 1997.
Repairable, with the following damage: right wing stressed, right
strake, rudder, aileron, canard, nose gear bent,
, gears doors and hinges , fuselage damaged sides and bottom. Airframe
currently located in Maryland.
This may be a good project for those familiar with composites. Asking
I'd like not to have to ship the hull to California, so an East Coast
candidate would be ideal.
If you have other ideas about where to post this, I would appreciate it.

Ed Cole RV6A    EAA Chapter 62
408-257-3281 H
408-737-7600 x6605 W
===== end =====