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Re: Marhyde Ultimate Filler/Primer

> > Is that rollable?
> > What are the advantages?  I think efficiency is a big one.  No
> > overspray wasted to the gods.  Do you roll on all of the base coats
> > and then spray a final overcoat?
> >
> > How is it done?  Is it cheaper?  What are the results?
> Rolling on your primer will:
> Fill the pinholes!!!!!!!!!
> Use less material
> Make less mess
> Probably not require a respirator
> Take less time
> Once you sand the primer, it'll actually be better than if it were sprayed,
> since all the pinholes will be gone. Yes, you still spray the top coats.

Sounds like a winner to me then.  I'll contact PolyFiber and
see if they give their blessing of this method with
their products.

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