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Re: Awlgrip primer

Travis Young wrote:

About Awlgrip U.S. Paints 545 system:    D8001/D3001 one to one with no reducer
#1 application  5 to 10% T0006 reducer subsequent app.

>  Also, don't forget it has a lot of metal in it (zinc??) and should not be
> used around antennas.

Early test with Radio Shack meter lead me to believe this.  More recent test
with very accurate meter has disproved that Zinc Oxide pigments are any worse
than the more common Titanium dioxides or even no primer at all for that
matter.  This meter has also taught us to make the com antennas 1/2" longer at
each end to keep the center freqencies (130 to 135) from going right off the

Recent studies by NASA and independent groups show little to no advantage in UV
protection with silver, black, titanium dioxide vs/and/or zinc oxide primers
and under primers.  They all work about the same at the same weight.  The main
thing is that there is enough of what ever you like to use too stop UV from
penetrating the top surface.  You can save weight by putting very little paint
on the bottom to the airplane.

  A Velocity is about 500 square ft. in total surface area so paint like high
solids ultra high build primers can easily add 50 lbs to your bird.  If you
need protection from cosmic radiation go for it, but with that much extra
weight I don't think you will be flying that high. ;)